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Home > News > QLD Catholic school employees stop work this week

QLD Catholic school employees stop work this week

Over 6,300 Catholic school union members in 173 schools across Queensland are authorised to commence protected industrial action this week including stop work action this Wednesday 16 September and Thursday 17 September.

A 30 minute and one (1) hour work stoppage will take place at the end of the school day on 16 September and 17 September respectively.

The protected action also includes a ban on attending meetings of staff and a ban on undertaking duties during scheduled non-contact time other than those directly related to planning, preparation and correction.

Our union Secretary Terry Burke said the continued failure of Queensland Catholic school employers to understand and listen to employees’ legitimate concerns as they negotiate a new agreement covering their working rights and conditions had left employees no choice but to take this action.

“Catholic school employees across Queensland are taking this action and committed to continuing this campaign until their employers recognise employees’ legitimate concerns, respect their professionalism and reward their contribution to the high quality of education in Queensland Catholic schools,” he said.

Schools have comparable funding and workloads to NSW yet employers refuse comparable wages

“Queensland Catholic school employers’ rejection of comparable wages for Queensland Catholic school teachers with their NSW counterparts is hypocritical given Catholic schools in both states receive comparable funding and require teachers to do comparable work.

Mr Burke said analysis clearly reveals that Queensland and New South Wales Catholic schools receive comparable funding.

“The funding Queensland and NSW Catholic schools receive from state and federal governments as well as school fees is comparable.

“The role and workload of teachers in Queensland and NSW Catholic schools is comparable.”

“Yet Queensland Catholic school employers have rejected Queensland employees’ claim for comparable wages with their NSW counterparts.

“Simply because of their postcode, Queensland Catholic school teachers at the top step of the automatic scale currently receive $6,792 less per year than their equivalent counterparts in a NSW Catholic school.

“The current employer wage offer is inadequate, totally ignores this disparity and would continue to put Queensland teachers at financial disadvantage compared to their NSW counterparts.

"The underpayment of teachers by Queensland Catholic school employers is not an issue of affordability because they disavow this is their concern. It is a deliberate act of Queensland employers to pocket the income and not pay their teachers comparable rates," he said.

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Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.