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Home > News > Renewals make our union stronger in 2016

Renewals make our union stronger in 2016

Qieu_300811-205.jpgWe are just three weeks into the annual renewal period and already 1,500 members have renewed their membership for 2016.

By choosing to renew their IEUA-QNT membership, members not only strengthen the collective voice of our union but also ensure they have continued support when they need it the most.

As members know, the benefits of remaining a member of our union are numerous: professional indemnity insurance, access to support and advice, a voice in the negotiations that determine your working conditions and access to networking and professional development opportunities.

A strong collective union voice also means the ability to affect change and improve the working lives of employees in our sector.

In 2015, the dedication and strength of our members achieved a number of positive changes in our sector, including:

  • Campaigning to protect Paid Parental Leave 
  • Representing members in a record number of single site collective negotiations
  • Building our Beginning Educators Network (BEnet) to support newer teachers
  • Lobbying to reverse changes to prep age eligibility in Queensland
  • Supporting the Queensland Community Alliance to address shared community issues
  • Endorsing the Education International (EI) resolution for an international day to recognise School Officers
  • Promoting Reconciliation Australia’s Narragunnawali: Reconciliation in Schools and Early Learning program

Teacher and IEUA-QNT member Lisa Neil said her ongoing membership allowed her to thrive in her profession.

“Unionism is a collective of people coming together with like minds and speaking with one voice. It isn’t just for when you get into trouble. Membership offers much more than that and can give you the skills and the confidence to become the best educator possible,” she said.

Make your union stronger in 2016

Renew before Christmas Eve to ensure your membership is current and active in 2016. 

Click here to renew online now. 

(Log in with your membership number. Your default password is your family name in lowercase.)

Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.