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Home > News > An open letter to Queensland Catholic schools parents

An open letter to Queensland Catholic schools parents

1000794_62290737.jpgOur members in Queensland Catholic schools have written this open letter to parents of their students. Members are asking parents to join their campaign and let Queensland Catholic school employers know it's time to show they care when it comes to employee concerns about workload and wages.

The letter appeared in the Sunday-Mail on 1 November.

An open letter to Queensland Catholic school parents

We’re stopping work because we care!

Dear Parents,

In classrooms across Queensland, we as Catholic school teachers and school support staff care for your children, our students.

We care because this is our profession and we are dedicated and committed to our schools and our students – your children.

As employees we are currently undertaking industrial action in our schools because we care about the working conditions which enable us to provide high quality education to your children.

Sadly when it comes to these working conditions, our employers have not shown us they care.

Despite seven months of negotiations with Queensland Catholic school employers, significant employee concerns about working conditions remain unresolved. 

While we are committed to providing a rich school experience, we need adequate time to focus on our core role of educating your children.

Longstanding wage inequities also continue in our schools despite comparable school funding and fees between NSW and Queensland Catholic schools.

This means your children’s experienced teachers at the top of the automatic step are currently paid $6,700 less a year simply because of their postcode.

This Thursday 5 November, we will stop work from 8:30-10:30am and we ask you, as a parent, to join us in showing you care by signing our growing community petition at www.3Rs.org.au.


Queensland Catholic school teachers and support staff
members of IEUA-QNT

Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.