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Home > News > Seeking support from our union pays off

Seeking support from our union pays off

1097236_99318987.jpgIn early 2014 a member from a non-systemic school contacted our Member Services team believing their current classification was incorrect. 

Our Member Services team undertook a calculation of the member’s classification based on their verified teaching experience and discovered that they had been underpaid for almost two years.  

This enabled the member to approach their employer with confidence that they had a legitimate issue.

IEUA-QNT Industrial Officer Danielle Wilson said that while agreeing that the member was wrongly classified and underpaid as a result, the employer disputed the increment date, basing it on the member’s service with them and not the member’s verified teaching service as is required under the industrial provisions.  

“We really wanted to resolve the issue and prevent it from becoming a formal dispute,” Ms Wilson said.

“After further discussion with our team, the employer conceded their position was incorrect and provided all back pay owing to the member – $2000 in total.

“The employer also amended the member’s records so that their ongoing increments reflected the correct dates.

“Our Member Services team provides general advice and can assist in confirming whether there is an issue regarding your current classification and pay.

In turn we can work with our Industrial Services team to pursue matters for members should an issue be discovered.

“Members with concerns related to their classification and wage levels should always contact our union in the first instance,” she said.

Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.