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Home > News > Early assistance can help stop workplace issues from escalating

Early assistance can help stop workplace issues from escalating

shutterstock_153725156.jpgUnderstanding your rights in the workplace is important for all members, especially when faced with a workplace issue that could quickly escalate without the correct advice and support.

IEUA-QNT Industrial Officer Danielle Wilson said in a recent case, a member’s decision to contact our union as soon as a potential issue arose at their school proved critical – not only in understanding the issue but in preventing it from becoming a larger dispute.

“A science teacher in a large secondary school was questioned about not completing tasks related to the term plan. The member was in a teaching team of three and the other two employees were not being asked to do the same thing,” she said.

“Our member felt targeted as he was expected to prepare the plan himself without assistance from the team - things were not facilitated within the Department so that the team could work together on the plan. 

“As a result there was a threat of putting our member on a formal performance management process and that’s when he contacted us.  

“Like many members, he did not want the matter to escalate and sought our advice in the first instance as to how to manage the issue at the most informal level possible.

“We advised him to query this with the Deputy Principal (DP). The DP who had been accepting advice to that point on the need for our member to be performance managed, took our member’s concerns on board and agreed that what was being expected was much more than is ordinarily expected of teachers. 

“The DP identified a remedy through the timetable, giving our member some release time and opportunity to confer with the team to complete the tasks. 

“This alleviated the pressure felt and the appearance of any performance issue. 

“The issue was explored and resolved successfully as the operational issue it was, without further dispute from them or the employer.”

Even for the smallest matter, our Industrial Services team is here to help.

Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.