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Home > News > Federal funding proposals would be last gasp for Gonski reforms

Federal funding proposals would be last gasp for Gonski reforms

moneyweb.jpgThe federal government’s mission to divest its responsibility for education in Australia has never been clearer than with today’s revelations of proposed funding structure changes.

Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland and Northern Territory Branch Secretary Terry Burke said the majority of proposals contained in the government’s green paper on federation reform would place significant or complete financial responsibility for education onto state and territory governments.

“Three of the four proposals would spell the end of the outcomes achieved as part of the Gonski reforms and help the government achieve its ideological mission to divest itself of responsibility for education in this country, “Mr Burke said.

“The fourth proposal for the federal government to take on the role of dominant funder of all schools is simply a disingenuous inclusion to distract from this,” he said.

Mr Burke said any move to reduce federal funding would be a burden felt by public and independent schools alike.

“The public and independent education sectors work together in this country to ensure all Australian children can access a quality education – changing the funding to one or both sectors would have numerous adverse impacts for both,” Mr Burke.

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“These proposals also add to the ongoing uncertainty regarding funding felt by schools, staff and students in both sectors.

“Moreover the federal government is demonstrating a clear lack of concern for students with a disability who are already disadvantaged under current funding arrangements.

“The latest Federal Budget made no attempt to correct the long standing problem of underfunding to these students and these proposals provide no clear outline as to how this serious and worsening problem would be addressed,” he said.

Mr Burke said IEUA-QNT maintained its ongoing support of needs based funding for all Australian students, the right for parents to choose where to send their children to school and the fundamental right of all children to a quality education.

Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.