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Home > News > Catholic employers reject counsellor claims

Catholic employers reject counsellor claims

School_counsellor.jpgMembers have consistently reported to Catholic employers that a new collective agreement must address long outstanding matters of inadequate counsellor wages, career structures and working conditions.

In accordance with the position developed and endorsed by counsellor members, your union tabled a comprehensive position to the employers in order to modernise counsellor employment arrangements in all Queensland Catholic schools.

Unfortunately, the employers have again failed to listen to the concerns of their employees and have rejected many of the key suggestions identified by their counsellor employees. 

Key Counsellor Suggestions Rejected

At the most recent negotiation meeting the employers rejected these claims proposed by counsellors in their schools:

  • The employers rejected any additional salary steps or career recognition for experienced counsellors.  
  • The employers rejected the development of a specific schedule and salary scale for career counsellors / career advisors. 
  • The employers rejected the provision of additional paid time to support counsellors in meeting professional supervision requirements. 
  • The employers rejected a review of counsellor workload, staffing and work practices in Catholic schools.

The only matters that the employers have indicated agreement with, is the rationalisation of existing counsellor clauses in order to simplify the provisions. 

Members Committed to Continued Negotiations  

Notwithstanding the employers’ initial response, union members are committed to continue to pursue contemporary career structures and conditions for counsellors in the new agreement.

All union members are asked to participate in the collective bargaining campaign at your school so that these and other important employee issues are heard by your employer. 

Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.