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Home > News > What you need to know about job sharing

What you need to know about job sharing

puzzle_pieces.jpgJob sharing is a preferred choice for many school employees returning to work after a period of parental leave.

Here’s everything you need to know about seeking job sharing upon returning to work.

What is job share?

Job share is a voluntary employment arrangement where the duties, responsibilities, pay and other benefits of one full-time position are shared between two employees.

At the conclusion of the job share period, both employees return to the position and employment status each held before the job share began.

Why job share?

Job share can help achieve a better work / life balance for employees. It is often of greatest interest to new parents and employees transitioning to retirement.

However, any employee wishing to claim more time for family, study, sport or community activities may be interested in the benefits provided by job share.

Job share also benefits employees by enabling them to maintain and develop professional skills, while attending to other important responsibilities.

Who can job share?

All full-time teachers working in Queensland non-government schools have the right to request job share. To check your eligibility based on your current employer, contact the IEUA-QNT office on FREECALL 1800 177 938.

If you are working at a school without this provision, then it is worth raising this in your next round of collective bargaining negotiations.

Job share proposals require the agreement of the employer and any refusal should be based on reasonable and legitimate grounds.

How do I approach my employer with a job share request?

When approaching your employer with a job share proposal, it is important to carefully consider how the job share would work in your particular circumstances.

Once you have identified a job share partner at your school, preparing a thorough written proposal is critical to gaining employer agreement.

The job share proposal should incorporate relevant elements of the employer’s job share policy (if once exists) and demonstrate clearly how the needs of the school and students have been thoroughly considered in the planning and development of the proposal.

Click here to download a job share proposal template.

Some of the key matters to be addressed in the proposal include:

  • names of participating employees and dates from which the arrangements take effect;
  • rationale for the proposal;
  • percentage share of the position applying to each participant and timetables;
  • mechanisms for on-going evaluation of the impact of the job share on education and pastoral needs of students and administrative needs of the school;
  • joint planning arrangements and communication methods between employees;
  • arrangements for attendance at whole school professional development, pupil
  • free days, etc. and for the sharing of duties; and
  • arrangements for assessment and reporting and attendance at parent interviews

If you would like advice or assistance in preparing a job share application, contact our union for advice via FREECALL 1800 177 938.

Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.