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Home > News > Union assistance secures correct member entitlements

Union assistance secures correct member entitlements

moneyweb.jpgSeeking the assistance of our Industrial Services team has resulted in a teacher member securing their full entitlements after their employment was terminated and the employer sought to provide incorrect pay in lieu of notice.

After discussing their situation with the IEUA-QNT Staff Representative at their school, the member contacted our Industrial Services team advising that their employment had been terminated during their probation period and given just one (1) week’s pay in lieu of notice. 

The member’s employer had claimed that because the member would not be made permanent until after their probation period of six (6) months, that one (1) week’s pay in lieu of notice was all they were entitled to.

Acting on the members behalf, our Industrial Services team contacted the employer to reiterate that employees serving a probationary period are not excluded from coverage of the Collective Agreement at that school and that there is no provision in the Agreement to state that the notice of termination of four (4) weeks did not apply if a teacher was subject to a probationary period.

As a result, the employer paid the member their full four (4) week’s pay in lieu of notice.

Sadly such cases are not unique – any member faced with a similar situation, should always seek the advice and assistance of our Industrial Services teams in the first instance to ensure that the employer is providing their correct and full entitlements.

To contact one of our Industrial Service team click here.

Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.