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Home > News > 'I Voted': chapters get the vote out

'I Voted': chapters get the vote out

I_voted.pngQueensland Catholic employing authorities have rejected key aspects of the employee claim and have consistently failed to RECOGNISE, RESPECT and REWARD Queensland Catholic school employees.

Members are urged to make their protected action ballot vote count this week and to endorse a ballot outcome that sends a clear message to their employer that they must listen to the legitimate concerns of their employees.

Member “I Voted” Day

Chapters are encouraged to hold a member “I Voted” Day today - Thursday 27 August to recognise those members who have voted and to act as one final get out the vote reminder. On this day, Chapters should:

  • encourage members to complete their ballot and post their sealed ballot immediately to the AEC;
  • schedule a celebration morning tea or lunch to acknowledge the ballot returns;
  • provide the “I Voted” stickers to members who have returned their ballots; and
  • return the I Voted faxback to our union office at the completion of your celebration (download the faxback from Chapter Briefing 31).

Ballot for Protected Action

Completed ballots must be returned to the AEC by Tuesday, 1 September 2015 therefore it is recommended that members post their ballot by this Friday 28 August. The AEC has requested that individual voters should post their own ballot materials.

To meet the provisions of the Act, 50% of members must vote for the ballot to be valid. If this criterion is met, protected industrial action is approved if 50% plus one of those who vote endorse the possible actions. It is therefore essential for members at your Chapter to return their ballots in order to provide members at your school with the ability to take protected industrial action in the future should they wish to do so.

Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.