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Home > News > Churlish briefing reflects poorly on Catholic employers

Churlish briefing reflects poorly on Catholic employers

3Rs.pngFiction masquerading as ‘fact’

Catholic employing authorities have set out the inadequate and hypocritical nature of their positions in collective bargaining in their most recent briefing.

In what purports to be a ‘fact sheet’ (sic) the employer commentary pleads for understanding of their inadequate justification for the failure to recognise, respect and reward their employees.


The core fact about wages is that even under the employers’ revised offer of 2.5%, experienced Queensland teachers would still lag behind known comparable interstate outcomes.

Rates vary across the early and middle years in the classification scales but in every jurisdiction the known top rate available is considerably more than Queensland (click here to download comparison).

Of even more significant note is that the top incremental rate in Queensland ($86,385) would be well below NSW ($93,138), Victoria ($94,961), Tasmania ($90,007) and NT ($94,357) Note: SA ($91,749) and WA ($95,458) are currently in negotiation for a 2015 increase on their rates at the top of the incremental scale.

Any employer wage offer which falls short of comparable rates of relevant interstate comparators is an inadequate offer.

The revised employer offer of 2.5% (up from 2.2%) is based more on considerations of relationship with the state government than wage justice.

Queensland Catholic employers have funding (Federal – State – Fees) at comparable levels to comparable interstate Catholic employers (click here to download funding analysis).

The employer representatives have confirmed repeatedly that their rejection of the employee wage claim is not about the money.

The reality is Catholic employers can afford to pay a 3.25% increase as readily as they increased their ‘offer’ from 2.2% to 2.5%.

Term Time School Officers – Four Weeks Annual Leave

The attempt by Catholic employers to misrepresent the employee claim is lamentable and offensive.

The fact of the employee claim is for four weeks annual leave for term time school officers who work 39/40 weeks per year – i.e. all of the schools term dates.

The table in the employer briefing is demonstrably wrong and is nonsense parading as ‘fact’.

Employing authorities should withdraw their briefing immediately for this egregious misrepresentation.

The fact of the employer claim is that term time school officers are structurally denied an opportunity ever to work 52 weeks a year as they can only work 39/40 weeks of term time.

That is an inequality employers should address.

Along with term time school officers in other states, Queensland term school officers should have four weeks annual leave.

Experienced Teacher 6 (ET6)

The employer position on ET6 is the second attempt in three years to impose additional work on ET6 teachers and to claim an arbitrary authority of appointment of ET6.

Employees rejected the employer attempt in 2012 because they did not trust the employers’ motives and employees have no reason to change their mind in 2015.

Fiction Masquerading as ‘Fact’

The employer briefing is a woeful and offensively inaccurate account of those matters under negotiation.

The only excuse for this execrable document is that it is a vain and crass attempt to try to influence the current protected action ballot in schools.

The appropriate response from members is to vote in the protected action ballots and to vote ‘Yes’ and make it plain to employing authorities that they should Recognise, Respect and Reward their employees.

Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.