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Home > News > Kindergarten funding commitment needed

Kindergarten funding commitment needed

shutterstock_95256664.jpgFollowing the expiry of the Agreement to fund early childhood education in Australia, the Federal Government has failed to commit to funding Community Kindergartens beyond 2015, citing a range of excuses. 

This situation is unacceptable to the families who rely on community kindergartens to educate their children and the workers in kindergartens who face an uncertain future.

Early Childhood Education Is Important

Investment in quality early childhood education is more efficient and effective than expenditure during the later years of development.  However, a commitment to early childhood education is conspicuously absent from the statements emanating from the Federal Government.

Community Kindergartens Are At Risk

Community Kindergartens in Queensland rely on funding from the Federal Government.  The continued existence of this important educational sector is a risk if such funding is not maintained.

ECE_postcard.pngPostcard Campaign

Members are asked to sign postcards (pictured, right), which will be mailed to the federal government, calling for a commitment to funding kindergartens.   

IEUA Organisers are distributing additional copies of this postcard to kindergartens. Members can contact their Organiser for multiple copies of the postcard, if needed. Parents and other members of kindergarten communities should be asked to support the campaign for continued funding.   

The greater the number of postcards sent to the Federal Government, the greater are the chances of maintaining funding.  The Government is currently considering its budgeted expenditure.  The postcards will therefore be sent as soon as possible.

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Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.