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Home > News > What members need to know about the State Election

What members need to know about the State Election

ballot.jpgThe Queensland State Election on 31 January is an opportunity to send a clear message to Campbell Newman and the LNP government that we will not accept an anti-worker agenda.

Since being elected in 2012, the LNP government has introduced a raft of changes which have significant negative impact on members in the non-government education sector.

Devaluing of education 

Initial actions of the LNP government included attacking the wages of public sector workers with lower than inflation wage increases and attempting to strip away employment conditions without negotiation.

There is a strong link between outcomes in the state and non-government education sectors and we have over the past 18 months experienced the impact the LNP government policy has on negotiations in our sector. With our state colleagues and catholic sector members commencing negotiations in 2015, we need a government that values those who work in education.

The LNP government has also attempted to silence the professional voice of teachers by removing their representation on the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority and has a clear intent to do the same on the Board of the Queensland College of Teachers.

Changes to WorkCover  

The LNP Government introduced changes to the Workers’ Compensation legislation that limits a worker’s right to lodge a common law claim to seek damages. Workers have also been exposed to possible employment discrimination through a requirement to disclose pre-existing medical conditions to employers, and employers’ ability to access a worker’s compensation claims history.

Attempts to silence union members

The LNP government has singled out unions by introducing onerous accountabilities in an attempt to stifle the voice of union members. Efforts to restrict the ability of members to campaign on issues, as well as burdensome and unnecessary financial responsibilities placed on your colleagues who are members on your governing council, clearly seek to attack our members and our capacity as an organisation to represent your interests.

Put the LNP last on Election Day

The LNP has shown itself to be an anti-worker government. 

Union members across Queensland are standing together to send a message to ‘Put the LNP Last’ on Election Day.

To join the campaign visit the Stand for Queensland website at standforqld.com.au or “like” their Facebook page: facebook.com/standforqld