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Home > News > Anglican employer seeks to short change school officers and services staff

Anglican employer seeks to short change school officers and services staff

moneyweb.jpgAnglican employers have delayed further negotiations until Term One 2015 despite a number of outstanding issues. Employee representatives had anticipated a further Single Bargaining Unit (SBU) Meeting before the end of the year.

Of greatest concern, however, is the employers’ decision to short change school officers and services staff by offering these employers a lower wage increase than that offered to teaching staff.

Under the employer wage proposal, teaching staff would receive a 2.3% increase while their non-teaching staff colleagues would receive 2.2%.
The employer determined to make this “good faith” interim payment from 1 January 2015.

Our union is disappointed at the employers’ inexplicable attempt to differentiate between teaching and non-teaching staff and to break the nexus between teacher and school officer and services staff wages.

All employees in Anglican schools make a significant contribution to the success of students in their care and to the broader school community.  To seek to devalue one group of employees’ contribution, relative to another, sends a clear message to employees about how they are valued by the employer.

Employers are on notice that their employees expect to be valued and recognised with equity and dignity. An employer rethink on this flawed strategy of differential wage increases is urgently needed.

Chapters have been requested to consider a motion urging the employer to re-think their flawed wage offer.

It is disappointing that the employers have not been in a position to finalise the Anglican Agreement before the end of the school year and substantive issues such as wages and classroom based career steps (HAT and Lead Teacher) are still to be resolved.

For more information about the negotiations, visit the Anglican Collective Bargaining Page.