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Home > Campaigns > Other Collective Bargaining Campaigns > Catholic Collective Bargaining 8

Catholic Collective Bargaining 8

Agreements endorsed by Queensland Catholic school employees


In 2016, following a concerted campaign from IEUA-QNT members, the collective agreements to cover employees in Queensland Catholic Schools were endorsed at ballot by employees and Approved by the Fair Work Commission (FWC).

Chapter Briefings
Your questions answered
Links to full agreements
Significant outcomes for all employees

Queensland Catholic sector employees in every category will see a range of enhancements. Read the enhancements for each employee category using the dropdowns below.


  • Wage increases via permanent dollar adjustments, percentage increases, and new incremental steps for classroom teachers. 
  • An incremental wage rate for experienced classroom teachers in July 2018 of nearly $101,000 per year.
  • A time-bound classification review and negotiations including Highly Accomplished Teacher (HAT) and Lead Teacher (LT) positions as well as middle leader and senior leader rates of pay stemming from the classroom teacher wage outcome; measures to address workload and work intensification including mechanisms for the replacement of planning, preparation and correction time (PPCT) lost due to planned school activities; clearer definition of planning, preparation and correction time (PPCT); and the inclusion of mentoring, appraisal and professional development (including online modules) within the hours of duty.

School officers (all)

  • Wage increases based on percentage and minimum dollar increases.
  • Improved access to the school officer qualifications allowance.
  • Stipulated timeframes for employer responses to reclassification requests.
  • Access to regular professional development opportunities.
  • A formalised TOIL arrangement for professional development outside ordinary hours. 

Services staff (all)

  • A skills-based classification structure and additional pay points.
  • A new wages and conditions schedule.
  • Access to regular professional development opportunities.
  • A formalised TOIL arrangement for professional development outside ordinary hours.

Term time school officers and services staff

  • A mechanism to maximise their hours with access to any additional work hours which may arise in either term or vacation periods at their school.
  • A correction to the annual leave formula to ensure that an employee’s period of paid annual leave is included as service for subsequent leave accruals. 

Guidance Counsellors and Counsellors

  • Professional development requirements.
  • Support with mandatory supervision.
  • Classroom teaching loads.
  • Review of counsellor workloads.
  • A remote area incentive.
  • Addressing issues for counsellors working across multiple schools.

Career Counsellors

  • Formal recognition of their professional standing.
  • Professional development requirements.
  • The application of relevant professional standards.
  • Management of teaching loads.
  • A minimum salary range for career counsellors to recognise an employee’s experience and formal qualifications.

Boarding school employees

  • A schedule of conditions to establish minimum wage rates for boarding supervisors.
  • The schedule would provide an additional 5% increase over any general wage increase in a number of schools and includes an ‘aspirational’ wage schedule that will be subject to further discussion.