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Home > Campaigns > Catholic Flexible Learning Centres Review

Catholic Flexible Learning Centres Review

Joint Report

Click here to download a copy of the Flexible Learning Centres Joint Working Party Report.

Issues for discussion

Members have already identified several specific FLC issues to be discussed including:

  • Hours of duty concerns such as travel time and inadequate paid breaks
  • The length of the school year 
  • Youth worker classification and pay levels
  • Operational issues within mobile services
  • The nature and classification of the FLC Head of Campus position

Click here to download a copy of the Employee Issues Identified for Discussion document.

Review underway

A review of working arrangements in Catholic Flexible Learning Centres (FLC) is underway. 

The FLC review is an important outcome of our recent collective bargaining campaign and provides members with the opportunity to shape work conditions to fit the unique roles undertaken by FLC staff.

The collective agreement sets out the working arrangements to be considered in the review including middle and senior leader structures, teaching and learning issues, workplace flexibility and school officer classifications.  

The terms of reference, review timeframes and member materials regarding the review are available here

FLC Member Advisory Group

Our union has established an advisory group of FLC members from across the state to provide direct feedback and advice to the formal negotiations.

Please contact our union if you are able to support the review by being part of this group.