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Carinity Education Collective Bargaining


Vote_no_web_qual.pngVOTE NO to stop employer stripping your working conditions

Forced employer ballot seeks to avoid protected action

Carinity Education is now forcing employees to ballot on an inferior agreement which would see staff working more for less.

This is in spite of serious employee concerns and is a direct challenge to the employee-endorsed protected industrial action. The “agreement” being put forward in the forced employer ballot has one objective – to strip the working conditions of Carinity Education employees.

Carinity Education’s plan to strip you of your working conditions is very clear: 

  • Scrap top-tier teacher classifications, meaning the most experienced teachers could earn up to $8,000 less per year than their state and Catholic school counterparts.
  • Strip working conditions including job share, redundancy provisions and access to the First Aid allowance for school officers.
  • Significantly increase the hours of work expected by staff in leadership positions.
  • Limit employees’ access to contemporary leave conditions such as natural disaster leave and domestic violence leave.

The only way to protect your current working conditions is to VOTE NO.

If the majority of staff VOTE NO, then the onus is on the employer to return to the negotiating table with an improved offer.

Read the latest Chapter Briefing and why employees need to V0TE NO here.

Click here to learn more on why Carinity employees need to VOTE NO.

Protected Industrial Action to commence 22 November

The decision to take protected industrial action is never taken lightly by members, but this action would not be necessary if Carinity had come to the negotiating table and listened to employees.

Actions commencing from midday, Wednesday 22 November include:

(i) employees will not attend, for an indefinite period, meetings of staff;

(ii) employees who are teachers will ban, for an indefinite period, any duties during their scheduled “Planning Preparation and Correction Time” other than preparation directly related to the teaching of students and the assessment or marking of student work;

(iii) an indefinite ban on the recording, or transmission to the employer, of assignment, assessment or exam results relating to students, provided that the ban will not be applied to either year 12 students or students who are leaving the school;

(iv) employees will delay responding to and/or actioning emails (except for emails which deal with: a genuine health or safety matter for employees or students; or child protection matters) for a period of time – such period will not exceed 30 days.

A stop work meeting for 60 minutes will commence at 9.00am, Wednesday, 29 November 2017.