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Home > Campaigns > Bargaining with One Voice - Queensland Catholic Schools

Bargaining with One Voice - Queensland Catholic Schools

Negotiations & member campaign continues in 2020

As the 2020 school year commences, IEUA-QNT members in Queensland Catholic schools will continue to campaign with one voice on key employee issues.
At the most recent meeting of employer and employee representatives took place on Wednesday, 4 December, at which the employers tabled a revised position in relation to only one aspect of our workload/work intensification claim.
Given that the employers were unable to respond with endorsed positions on all of the remaining claims, this means negotiations will continue in 2020.
Member action has already achieved much in this campaign; our continued collective efforts can deliver outcomes to address employee issues. 

Employers respond to one issue; many remain unresolved  

At the last negotiation meeting in December 2019, employers tabled a revised position on the matter of workload consultation.
This position was in response to an aspect of our claim for meaningful intervention on workload.
The tabled employer position on workload consultation will require further consideration.
It is essential that any outcome provides practical relief to ease workload pressures in our schools.       
The employers did not provide any formal response to our claims for additional PPCT for primary teachers nor full-day release for collaborative planning/meetings.
These workload measures will be further explored in future meetings.
We emphasised again to the employers that they must reconsider the priority claims of employees so that a replacement agreement can be resolved as soon as possible: 
• A meaningful intervention into workload and work intensification.
• The level and the scope of the applicability of the one-off payment.
• A commitment to backpay.
• Middle Leader issues.
• School counsellor rates of pay.

Ballot and backpay in employers’ hands

It is an employer decision when, and in what terms, to conduct a ballot (and to make any back payment on offer).

Employing authorities did not advise that they intended to conduct a ballot.

Our union respects the right of all employees to vote in a ballot on any proposed agreement to determine whether it is accepted or not.

Work bans suspended

Last year, IEUA-QNT Chapters agreed to lift the protected action work bans effective at 5pm Tuesday, 26 November 2019.

Employer representatives advised that with the suspension of the work bans they would not be issuing the notices under section 471(4) of the Fair Work Act 2009. 

The notices would have meant that an employee undertaking a work ban would have had their wage withheld until the bans ceased and employers would have refused to accept the performance of any work by the employee until the bans ceased.

The bans were lifted ahead of our intention to make application to the Fair Work Commission (FWC) for assistance in the negotiations in order to explore further ways to address the concerns of employees and employers.

The FWC process asks each party to be prepared to give further consideration to their existing positions. 

Employing authorities have now indicated that they are prepared to give further consideration to their current position.  

We will therefore hold in abeyance our application to the FWC.

We will continue to meet until agreement finalised 

IEUA-QNT members are to be commended for their collective actions in 2019.
Your determined efforts have already delivered significant outcomes on important matters including insecure work and school officer issues.
Members now look forward to continuing negotiations soon so that the key outstanding employee issues are addressed.

What are members' key bargaining priorities? WATCH NOW:


Our employee bargaining team provides essential insights at the bargaining table on the reality of working in a Catholic school in 2019. Our team comprises teacher and school officer reps from Diocesan and RI schools.

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Members fight back against insecure work


Insecure work is a key target of our bargaining campaign.

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Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.