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Home > Campaigns > Queensland Lutheran Collective Bargaining 10

Queensland Lutheran Collective Bargaining 10

Negotiations for a new collective agreement covering the working conditions of members in Queensland Lutheran schools is underway now.


Lutheran Education Queensland seeks Cuts - Controls - Constraints

What’s at risk?

Your employer seems determined to make cuts to your working conditions. 

This was confirmed at the meeting on the 24th October 2019 of the Lutheran Education Queensland (LEQ) bargaining representatives with our union. 

What would be cut under the employer's plan?

Procedural fairness and natural justice put at risk for all employees

LEQ wants the following provisions removed from the collective Agreement and placed in school-based policies:

  • Annexure B Formal Review of Unsatisfactory Performance;
  • Annexure C Serious Misconduct and Summary Dismissal;
  • Annexure D Complaints Handling Policy and Procedures. 

Cutting these from the Agreement and putting them in school-based policies means the employer has complete control over the document which they can draft, review and edit at any time. 

It would mean that these provisions would no longer be subject to the industrial protection provided by their inclusion in a collective Agreement.

The employer proposed cuts could mean procedural fairness and natural justice for all employees is put at risk.

Teachers’ Hours of Duty in Schedules 8 & 9 removed

LEQ wants to remove two schedules, Schedule 8 and Schedule 9. 

These schedules outline the hours of duty provisions for teachers at Redeemer Lutheran College and St Peters Lutheran College. 

The employer has provided a draft alternative of Hours of Duty for all teachers, which requires further review.

LEQ representatives have also confirmed they want to renegotiate: 

  • Schedule 7 Working Arrangements for Teachers to “create more flexibility and discretion for principals in Lutheran Schools”;
  • Positions of added responsibility with the aim of “increasing flexibility”.

Download a copy of the Lutheran Education Queensland seeks Cuts – Control – Constraints flyer here.

Can we stop the cuts? 


  1. Ensure your contact details with our union are correct – send any recent changes to your email and mobile number to members@qieu.asn.au  
  2. Attend your Chapter meetings when your Staff Representative(s) invites you
  3. Download and share the “Lutheran Education Queensland seeks Cuts – Control – Constraints” flyer to share with your colleagues at school
  4. Ask a colleague to join our union via www.qieu.asn.au/join   


After multiple negotiation meetings of the Lutheran Schools Single Bargaining Unit (SBU), it is apparent Lutheran Education Queensland is intent on seeking “flexibility” through cuts, controls and constraints. 

Download the IEUA-QNT member Q&A now.

Chapter Briefings 

Chapter Briefings contain detailed information regarding the latest from the bargaining table – read now. 

Collective strength needed to protect working conditions 

Join our union to help build our collective voice to protect working conditions in Queensland Lutheran schools. 

Authorised by Terry Burke, Independent Education Union of Australia – Queensland & Northern Territory Branch, Brisbane.