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Home > Campaigns > Carinity: VOTE NO

Carinity: VOTE NO

VOTE NO to Carinity's CUTS

Carinity_Show_You_Care.pngCarinity has announced a postal ballot will be held across 17-24 July 2018 on its inferior proposed collective agreement.

The proposed agreement would see further cuts to existing conditions that would put Carinity employees well below industry standards and far from making it ‘an employer of choice.’

MEMBER WIN (12 July 2018): Collective action protects First Aid Allowance for Carinity school officers!

Important resources:

Why staff must VOTE NO at ballot

This offer is worse than the offer that employees rejected last year.

Overall, employees would only lose under the Carinity proposal.

But employees have the power to reject it.

This is why employees must VOTE NO at ballot.

What Carinity's cuts would cost you over the next three years (the life of the proposed agreement)

Carinity’s proposed three year collective agreement includes significant cuts to conditions that would leave employees substantially worse off.

*Click here to download a flyer outlining
what Carinity's cuts would cost you over the next three years.*

Campaign updates

Visit the Carinity: Show You Care campaign page for further resources and information.