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Careers You Can Count On

Clontarf26.jpgSchool officers in Queensland Catholic schools play a critical role in the delivery of quality education to our students. 

Sadly, we know the reality for many school officers in the sector is one of insecure employment and a lack of access to the quality professional development needed to build their careers.

These key concerns for school officers have been reinforced by the member feedback during the consultation process recently undertaken ahead of the next round of collective bargaining.

Count me in! Chapter Activity 5-9 November 2018

Between 5-9 November 2018, IEU Chapter members in Queensland Catholic schools will chat to school officer colleagues and personally invite them to join our union in order to help make their voice count when it comes to ensuring they have access to Careers You Can Count On.

IEU Chapters are also asked to hold a Chapter meeting during this time to discuss the key issues school officers face at work and what is needed to address them in the next round of collective bargaining.


Count me in! How to guide for IEU Chapters
Careers You Can Count On Fact Sheet
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Fighting back against insecure work and putting an end to fluctuating hours

So many school officers are either on fixed-term contracts or term-time continuing employment and have their hours varied every year with no guarantee of how many hours they will receive the following year.

We need to change the rules when it comes to providing job security and certainty for school officers – this is critical both for your professional and personal life.

Access to meaningful career paths and security of income

All Catholic school officers deserve career recognition and remuneration as well as proper recognition of professional duties and responsibilities.

The school officer classification structure was developed over 20 years ago, making a review of the matrix essential to ensure contemporary descriptors and characteristics for classification purposes. Wage rates must also be established that reflect the knowledge, skills and levels of responsibility of school officers in Catholic schools.

At the same time, the complexity of school officer positions has increased significantly as a result of employer and regulatory compliance requirements as well as growing administrative duties. School officers undertaking meetings and briefings, emails, work preparation and paperwork should receive an allocation of paid-time where it is not currently included in the employee’s paid hours.  

The provision of quality professional development opportunities

Many school officers are still denied access to quality professional development to further enhance your skills, knowledge and expertise. 

School officers need more than meetings on school policies or mandatory compliance training. The nature of our schools and the work you and other school officers undertake is ever evolving.

Quality professional development is essential to:

  • Continually update your work skills, knowledge and expertise so that you can tackle the challenges of modern schools.
  • Support you in realising your full professional potential.
  • Provide an opportunity for all school officers to build meaningful, long-term careers in our schools.