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Pages with topic "BEnet"

13 Jun 2017 : Research project launched to support early career teachers

New study aims to better understand the challenges faced by early career teachers, and better plan and provide tailored support in overcoming those challenges.

2 Jun 2017 : Next generation taking the lead

A group of early career teacher and school officer members gathered recently at our NexGen Conference in Brisbane to turn an eye to the future – both the future of our union and that of the union movement more broadly.

16 Jun 2015 : Fixed term contracts and early career teachers

While many early career teachers are initially appointed to teaching positions on a fixed-term contract, in many cases employees should make appointments to continuing employment.

11 Jun 2015 : Managing student behaviour: advice for beginning and aspiring teachers

Managing the behaviour of a large cohort of students can be challenging for newer teachers. However, there are many useful strategies that aspiring and beginning educators can employ to manage behaviour and retain students’ focus on learning.

5 May 2014 : IEUA-QNT recognised at QCU Media Awards

The 2014 Queensland Council of Unions (QCU) Media Awards saw dedicated IEUA-QNT member Lynda Shannon receive a Highly Commended award in the Activist of the Year category. Our union also collected the top prize in the social networking category for our ne…

24 Feb 2014 : BEnet: a new network for beginning educators

IEUA-QNT's new beginning educators network, BEnet, offers tailored training and professional development for educators in their first five years.

8 Jan 2014 : New network helps Central Australian beginning educators grow

Many of those teaching in Central Australia are beginning educators, having been in the profession for less than five years. Teaching in Central Australia, one of the most remote places on Earth, adds its extra challenges and sense of isolation that can b…